Square Circle table and light

The design of the Square Circle table is an exercise in proportion and simple manufacture. Laser cut steel was hand bent, allowing for cheap fabrication of a relatively large piece of furniture.The geometric form and material use juxtaposes the overall aesthetic – can a simple box with little decoration be elegant? Refined?

Originally exhibited as Square Circle: What’s In The Box?, the name combined with the smoky, translucent table top created surprising intrigue during interaction with the object when exhibited – what is in the box?

The Square Circle light is an extension of the Square Circle concept. Using the same basic proportions and aesthetics as the Coffee Table, the Square Circle light is designed to contrast the matte black finish of the body with the dynamic patterns and vibrancy of the marbled glass.

As the next step from the Coffee Table, the light was designed to be cut and formed by an external supplier. Drawings and flat pattern data was provided to ensure the delivered components could be assembled. A light also provides more challenges than a table, requiring consideration about how it is hung, how the globe is changed, etc. Four steel rope wires are used to suspend the light, and an important part of this system is the rope adjuster which is integrated inside the light. This allows the length and tension of each individual wire to be set to ensure the light is hung evenly.

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